Dr. Meg’s specialized coaching courses

College and University Students:

Help! I’m lost: Dealing with Anxiety, Panic, and Stress during University

In this coaching program, university students will:

  • Identify triggers for anxiety, panic, and stress
  • Develop personal strategies to cope with these emotions
  • Learn tools for dealing with challenges and effective decision-making
  • Become more empowered to make positive choices in life
  • Build strength in their independence and autonomy as they move into adulthood

Raising Resilient Children: A Workshop for Parents

In this program, parents will:

  • Address important resiliency principles for parenting kids and teens: struggle versus suffering, the power of choice, values-based decision-making, and freedom within structure
  • Obtain greater awareness of their own emotional resiliency
  • Develop tools for teaching their children how to deal with surprise, failure, and discouragement
  • Learn ways to support their childrens’ lives while encouraging independence, accountability and autonomy

High School Students:

Am I Ready for the Big Leagues?: Getting Prepared for University

In this program, young people will:

  • Work with Dr. Meg on real case studies and fun simulations for the academic and personal challenges that will occur within their new university environments
  • Learn practical tips for school-life balance
  • Get direct advice on studying, note-taking, and exam preparation from a university professor
  • Explore their range of emotions about moving onward with their education and life
  • Gain confidence in their ability to thrive – personally and academically – in university

“Twenty-Somethings” (ages 22-30):

Finding Your Way: Fostering Confidence, Career and Clarity in Your 20s

In this program, twenty-somethings will:

  • Broaden their personal toolbox for emotional resilience, self-awareness, and empowered choice
  • Acquire a better grasp of their thoughts, feelings, hopes, and fears around “adulthood”
  • Understand how their professional goals and priorities align with their individual values and sense of purpose
  • Be validated and supported in this process of life-transition into autonomy and independence