What is coaching?


“People participate in or seek out coaching because they want things to be different. They are looking for change or they have important goals to reach…they come to coaching because they want a better quality of life – more fulfillment, better balance – or a different process for accomplishing their life desires. Whatever the individual reason, it all starts with a stirring motivation within the coachee.”
Co-Active Coaching: Changing Business, Transforming Lives, p.1


Life coaching is about empowering, encouraging and supporting clients as they make decisions that shift the direction of their lives. The key foci of Co-Active coaching are: discovery, awareness and choice. Coaching uses a strengths-based approach to support a client’s capacity to create positive change, foster emotional resilience, and live a purpose-driven life. Within the coaching relationship, there is a collaborative dynamic between the coach and the client. Clients are considered to be capable and whole, not weak or broken, no matter the issues they bring to the coaching sessions.

People utilize coaching for various personal and professional reasons. For instance, a twenty-something may of graduated, is looking to begin her career, feels lost and overwhelmed with her future, and wants to get herself grounded to move into successful, independent adulthood. A parent may be struggling with the relationship he has with his rebellious teen and be looking for a space to voice his doubts, frustrations, and insecurities while working on tools to self-manage in this turbulent time. A teenager may have anxieties and fears that seem unbearable and wish to be coached on ways to be more mindful and at ease with herself. A university student may feel like he is unable to balance the academic and social pressures of university and needs new tools to become more confident and accountable in his life.

Coaching serves all these reasons and more. The key is that the client comes to coaching with a desire to shift his or her life forward. From there we work together for positive change.