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Blue Ribbons and Boiled Frogs: Developing Generation Y into Accountable and Effective Employees


Young people often graduate school with high hopes for themselves, ambitious dreams, and unrealistic expectations of their early careers. And then…there is often a generational culture clash in the workplace. “Millennials” enter the working world with lots of information and require lived experience for being effective employees and team members.  Companies want more accountable, aware, committed junior employees who are willing to pay-their-dues and earn their professional opportunities.

Dr. Meg works with companies to design professional development seminars that bridge this generational divide. Each seminar or seminar series is unique the particular workplace and corporate culture, thus a one-size-fits-all description is not accurate. Professional Development seminars/contracts are SOLD OUT until 2020, so please check back for future openings.


Dr. Meg also works with organizations and professional groups to design training seminars that meet their current and future needs and challenges.


Previous seminars topics include:

  • Fostering a resilient culture in the workplace
  • Conflict management and organizational development
  • Emotional intelligence and professionalism
  • Leadership and change
  • Effective communication
  • Emotional wellness and developing a resilient mindset