This presentation focuses on the HOW and the WHY of preparing your children to approach life with a resilient mindset. Dr. Meg provides parents with a unique perspective on parenting as she has taught over 2500 university 1st and 2nd year students since her first university lecture in 2003. As she tells parents with a humorous wink, “I get your kids when they leave you.” In this seminar, parents will:

  • Learn how resiliency fits into their current family values
  • Engage in intentional conversation around generational differences in raising children, such as being friends with your children, discipline, communication styles, involvement in decision-making, fears and hopes for their children, sense of responsibility for their kids’ futures
  • Apply principles of resiliency to every day parent-child interactions
  • Develop strategies to enhance their own resiliency as parents and leaders within their families

Stillness in the Storm: A Conversation about Anxiety, Emotional Health, and Our Kids.

This seminar addresses how parents can provide the love and empathy their kids need during challenging times while encouraging the independence required for their personal social and psychological development. By engaging in this conversation, parents will:

  • Cultivate an understanding of how a child’s emotional state impacts him/her, the parent, and the family home
  • Learn communication strategies to strengthen their connection with and ability to support their children in times of anxiety and emotional turbulence
  • Be encouraged to become “comfortable with the uncomfortable” in the journey of parenthood
  • Discuss when to jump-in and when to hold-back, always with the intention of being-there for our children
  • Build community through compassionate conversation to remove the social stigma around Mental Health