• Walt Whitman wrote, “Do not ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and go do that, because what the world needs is people who come alive.” Even more, the world needs those special people who can make other people come alive. Meg is one of those special people.

    Dr. Don Morrow Professor, Western University
  • In an era of entitlement, reduced resiliency and increased mental health issues it is a breath of fresh air to have a speaker encourage students to help themselves.  Dr. Popovic identifies issues that are pertinent and guides them in positive ways to address their concerns.  How to take time to step back and breath slowly, prepare for classes and take ownership of their lives.

    Carol Daly Guidance Counselor, Grimsby Secondary School
  • Dr. Megan Popovic has a rich insight into the social and cultural issues shaping behaviours of a generation of kids and young adults in this “age of distraction”.  Her presentation on Raising Resilient Kids provides a solid foundation on which to set realistic life expectations for kids and more importantly, for their parents.  She provides a “no-nonsense” approach to parenting, focusing on allowing kids to learn from life’s lessons, rather than parents providing for their every need.  As a father of three daughters in adolescence, I can readily apply the knowledge I have gained to set my own expectations, in raising my children into independent, responsible, caring and compassionate members of society.  Time is valuable and Dr. Meg’s presentation is without a doubt, well worth every minute.

    Denis Beaulieu Father of three and Co-chair of Parent Council at St. John in Kitchener, ON
  • Dr. Megan Popovic, “A new paradigm” and the “overwhelming impact of changing times” has made the necessity of having someone like Dr. Megan on your side more important than ever!  Speaking to high school students recently on both the challenges and opportunities  facing youth today, Dr. Megan had the audience up, out of their seats, engaging in various activities and interacting with their fellow participants.  In an auditorium with over 300 young adults, she captivated them with her witty, approachable and energetic speaking style. Never before have I seen a speaker get youth involved and out of their chairs, yet listening so intently and respecting the message she shared, that you could have heard a pin drop. She also willingly worked with our planning team before the presentation to be sure she knew and understood the audience and could best prepare a presentation tailored to our specific needs. Thank you!

    Sheralyn Roman Parent Council Member, Robert F. Hall Catholic Secondary School in Caledon, ON
  • I am delighted to provide a testimonial for Meg!  She has been a warm and insightful coach in the Women Together program for a few years now.  Having experienced Meg’s coaching directly, I know that she is not afraid to ask the BIG questions and create a safe space to encourage the answers.  The feedback from our clients has also been very positive in regards to her ability to build rapport and assist women in moving forward.  I hope that she will coach with us for many more years to come and I look forward to working with her further as a colleague.

    Tammie K. Ross. CPCC Founder of Women Together & Wellness Coach women-together.ca
  • Meg is an engaging and dynamic speaker. With warmth and humour, Meg draws in her audience and provides links to mental health research in accessible ways for both parent and educator audiences. Meg we truly appreciate your work in Grand Erie and look forward to connecting with you again in the future.

    Heather Carter, M.S.W., R.S.W. Mental Health Lead/Supervisor of Child and Youth Workers, Grand Erie District School Board
  • I have both listened to Megan speak and partnered with her on a workshop titled, “Am I Doing the Right Thing?”: A Seminar for Elite Hockey Parents.  Megan is a clear, energetic speaker, who has the ability to inspire action.  Her thought-provoking workshops are a breath of fresh air and they provide useful information. Her message about resilience is something every parent and teen should hear. It was a blast co-creating a workshop with her and I look forward to our next endeavour together.

    Mark Popovic Professional Hockey Player, Father, Director of Popovic Hockey Academy
  • Having had the opportunity to see Meg present the topic of resiliency on two occasions, with two very different school audiences, I would say Meg brings this universal topic to life in a “real” way. Her presentation is interactive and entertaining in that she animates what everyone is thinking and shares her own experiences with post-secondary students and their families. During the presentation, there is much opportunity for people to share experiences and learn strategies for raising resilient children in this challenging 21st century world.

    Lori Tait Principal, St. John Catholic School in Kitchener, ON
  • Megan has many attributes that represent her capacity to lead very well in a multitude of situations. I have known Megan personally and academically for over a decade. She is a talented, professional, conscientious educator, but also very compassionate, and a great listener. Her support and constructive feedback during my own graduate work is just one example of that. Having experienced her workshops, she has the ability to create a positive learning environment where students can provide their opinions and participate in conversations wholeheartedly and without judgment. I think Megan can positively impact many people – It would be a “treat” to attend another one of her lectures or workshops.

    Christine Danner, M.A. MRI Clinical Program Manager, Hologic Medical, Inc.
  • Meg is one of the most positive, supportive and energetic people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Her “twenty somethings” course helped me navigate through my post-university bubble and I am now on track to starting my career. Meg truly cares, I would highly recommend Meg to anyone looking for coaching.

    Daniella Fortino Queen's University Grad and Coaching Client
  • Over the last several years, I have had the tremendous honour and privilege of having Megan as a mentor. Megan is a powerful role model, an anchor, a life coach, a motivator – a firm reminder of who I am and what I can become. Megan’s creative energy, instinct for truth, generosity, patience and insight are all qualities innate within her. I am constantly inspired by her willingness to serve, empower, energize and connect with others. Put simply, Megan is type of person we should all strive to surround ourselves with.

    Vicky Gryger PhD Student, University of Toronto
  • Dr. Megan Popovic inspires change and understanding while instilling the kind of compassion and thirst for life that she, herself, exemplifies. Before I met Dr. Popovic, I had never identified myself as a leader by any means. She embedded a kind of self-respect and self identification that people spend their entire lives searching for. My reinvented passion in life stems from the teachings that Dr. Popovic put forth in her leadership class at Brescia University College. Because of Dr. Popovic, I have the courage to stand up and push the limits of my leadership skills and expand as an early childhood educator (ECE).

    Ginelle Row Student, Brescia University College
  • In regards to my professional and personal development, Dr Popovic played a significant role. Dr. Popovic taught me the importance of emotional intelligence as well as the right steps to take in becoming the best “I” can be. Her level of commitment to the personal success of her students is very visible due to how much she goes above and beyond to make sure that they succeed.

    Navid Shahabadi Undergraduate Student, Brock University
  • First of all, to have a positive impact on students you need to be welcoming and caring, and Dr. Popovic is that person. Her dedication to listen to my issues, whether its after or before class or by email has helped reach goals that I have never thought I could achieve at this time in my life. It is all because of Dr. Popovic and I want to thank her for that. She has helped me reach a stage in my life that I didn’t imagine reaching.

    Bawe Nsame Founder of the John Nsame Foundation - Student, Brock University
  • Our sincere appreciation for having Dr. Meg to our school and community.  She is an amazing speaker and kept everyone engaged. I took away some valuable ideas on ensuring that I allow my kids enough freedom to grow as adults.  We all want to help and rescue our kids ‘out of love’; however, knowing when to step aside and allow them the opportunity to struggle a bit isn’t a bad thing. After all, adversity is actually a good thing to have in life. I hope that we can once again have her out to our community.

    Dyanne Erratt Parent and Co-chair of Parent Council, St. Gabriel Catholic Elementary in Cambridge, Ontario
  • It was such a tremendous honour and opportunity to co-facilitate a parenting workshop with Megan. As a teacher, she has a wealth of wisdom and a unique perspective on youth from her work as a professor. As a presenter, she is generous and supportive, a thoughtful listener, and she is able to make authentic connections with her audience blending both humour and compassion. Megan’s most outstanding quality is her sincere intent to empower parents to make conscious, practical choices that will increase the resiliency of their children. Her work is a gift to both parents and children, and grandchildren yet to be born.

    Gina Hatzis DiFonzo Parent, Professional Speaker, and Member of Parent Council at All Saints Catholic Elementary School in Unionville, ON
  • Megan Popovic is a superior motivational and inspirational speaker and role model. She was a guest speaker at a recent Youth Empowerment Girls Summit, and she spoke of engaging one’s inner voice. Her message sparked a new awareness and interest in learning in her high school student audience. I cannot wait to have her back to my school again. She is truly a magnificent and captivating individual.

    Alvisia Maga CWS Teacher, Bishop Tonnos CSS in Ancaster, ON
  • Dr. Megan Popovic is an inspiring speaker. She shares her knowledge in a way that is thoughtful and thought-provoking.  She is truly one of those thinkers who makes her audience members shift their own thinking and, in turn, change their lives.

    Dr. Audrey R. Giles Associate Professor, School of Human Kinetics, University of Ottawa
  • Meg helped me navigate through a very challenging time in between my student and professional life. She equipped me with an action plan to propel me to my next step and was always a caring and listening ear for me.

    Chelsey Catalano Undergrad student, Queen's University and participant in "Twenty-something" coaching program
  • I have observed Dr. Meg leading group learning in a setting with unique challenges facing the facilitator. It is a relief as a business owner to be able to place my trust in her knowing that our clients are receiving the very best service and direction. Meg is passionate, compassionate and tough, a combination that sees people pushing themselves to reach their potential.

    Heather Spencer Grim Partner and Owner of Spencer: Future Care Costs and Vocational Experts, London, ON
  • I want to thank you for the presentation you made at Georgetown District High School (GDHS) on February 18, 2015. The information you presented, and the manner in which you presented it, resonated with me. During our breakout discussions, where I had to chance to interact with other parents, I heard the same sentiment voiced.

    While I’m truly blessed with the beautiful young adult my daughter is becoming, I wish I’d had the opportunity to attend one of your presentations earlier in my parenting journey. I’ve added your suggestions to my parenting “toolbox”, to encourage my daughter to work through her struggles, and to accept they are a part of life. When my daughter graduates (2017), I would be thrilled if she could have you as her university professor. Your manner and approach must set so many young adults on the right path to being strong and resilient adults and/or reinforce what they’ve learnt at home.

    Thank you! I hope I have the pleasure of attending another one of your presentations.

    Steph Caines Parent, Georgetown District High School, Halton Hills, ON
  • Dr. Meg Popovic is a community-minded, passionate individual who inspires anyone she works with to think more critically about systems, structures, and self. She is an exceptional speaker, researcher, teacher, citizen, and mother – the whole package!

    Dr. Katie Misener, PhD Assistant Professor, Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies, University of Waterloo
  • Hi Dr. Popovic, Last week, the kids broke off into small groups and took a few minutes to discuss their thoughts on the evening with you.  Here are their unedited responses: “Explained everything well enough for us to completely understand.” “Everyone was included and no one was left out.” “The activities were very insightful, helped us to understand faith.  What subconsciously thinking about how it relates to our lives.” “The different activities were really eye opening and made me want to change and be more resilient.” “Used language that everyone could understand.” “Loved the way you explained things.” “I really enjoyed the World Café because it allowed me to share my ideas and feelings, as well as hear those of the peers around me.  It really opened my eyes to new ideas and ways of looking at my problems and parts in my life.” God bless you and your family. We’ll keep in touch!

    Nancy, Kelly and Denis (co-leaders) Catholic Youth Groups at St. John (Kitchener) and St. Luke (Cambridge)
  • Meg was always a pleasure to be around. It was very obvious that she had a personal connection to the material, which allowed her to effectively communicate ideas to her students and help them to truly appreciate what they were learning. Furthermore, she was extremely caring, taking time out of her day to connect with us on a personal level as well as offering academic support when needed.

    Justin Ramroop Student, Humber College
  • Megan came into our lives when, in 2005, I approached her as a figure skating coach for my 8 year old daughter.  It quickly became apparent that Megan was so much more.  Kinsey learned the skating fundamentals and excelled as a competitive skater.

    A greater gift was that Megan’s mindful approach to coaching also taught Kinsey many life skills and supported her self-esteem on and off the ice- a confidence that spilled over into all facets of Kinsey’s life.  Megan guided her towards a healthy mindset for practice and competition.  She encouraged her to maintain a life that balanced social, competitive and academic aspects. Megan helped shape my daughter’s ideas about pursuing a dream with passion and persistence.

    As a mentor and trusted friend, Megan’s connection to Kinsey continues to this day as Kinsey explores life as a first year student at Western University and member of the Mustangs varsity figure skating team.

    Inviting Megan Popovic into our lives was perhaps one of the best parenting decisions that I have made.

    Keeping Megan Popovic in her life is perhaps one of the best decisions my daughter has made.

    Krista Greenfield Mom of 3, London, ON
  • By halfway through the first session, I knew I would have no trouble talking with Megan.  She was friendly, down to earth and approachable.  I believe the time I spent with Megan was a gift.  It was a chance to create designated, uninterrupted time to set goals with purpose and intent.  We all have experience in setting goals in between juggling everyday life tasks and events.  What a difference it makes, to allow and create the time to focus on just that one thought, in that very moment.

    Colleen Coaching Client
  • I’ve long been someone that craves growth, change, movement. Until recently I thought it was just a facet of who I am, and it has become that, but also as a reaction to living a life that felt like it was in neutral, or even rolling backward at times. This, along with several other revelations, occurred nearly two years after my coaching with Megan began. As I journey forward the seeds that were planted through her mindful questions are popping through new soil. I, like everyone on the road to growth, have passed through patches that I wanted to leave alone, undisturbed. Many of these were things Meg touched on during our sessions.

    Meg is soulfully present and she was the coach I needed because of much more than that. She tuned into the intuition I would benefit from at that time, ongoing to this very day. She resonated with me, and the magic that was manifested from those 14 weeks will continue to ripple through my life to come. The person I’ve become needed that magic two years ago, and as I glimpse at this moment, this piece of my life, I can’t see anything that wasn’t grounded by her work with me.

    Amy Hiscox Coaching Client
  • Dr. Meg is such an inspirational presence! She was so supportive in my transition from high school to university and was always more than willing to listen to my struggles and successes. Her sincere care and undivided attention during our conversations after class was very much appreciated. Dr. Meg’s passion for education created the foundation for my motivation to succeed and be a leader throughout my university career. Dr. Meg is the type of person I aspire to be!

    Janet Jessica Wiles Student, Brescia University College
  • A couple of years ago, I had the pleasure of attending one of Megan’s resiliency workshops for parents and was so impressed.  As a parent educator, I am always intrigued and interested in parenting presentations, and found Megan’s presentation style warm and friendly, and her enthusiasm contagious.  The material she shared was relevant, evidence based, easy to understand and very practical for parents to implement as soon as they got home.  Parents left feeling more equipped to help their children cope with the challenges and struggles they will face.  Thank you for sharing your wisdom and passion Megan.  Your work helps so many families better navigate their parenting journey.

    Nikki Taylor RECE Parent Education Manager, Oakville Parent-Child Centre
  • I have known Dr. Megan Popovic for all four years of my university career and throughout this time she has transcended the roll of University Professor and become both an advisor, and mentor to me. The knowledge she has in her field, her excellent communication skills, and glowing personality all make Dr. Popovic an outstanding individual who everyone should have the pleasure of working with. Dr. Popovic knows how to connect with people of all ages and from all walks of life. She has definitely had a positive impact on my life at Western University, and without her I would not be on the path I currently am. She listens to her students and gets to know what they want. She encouraged me to chase after my goals, and made an impact on me that will last for the rest of my life. Dr. Popovic truly cares about others and does whatever she can to help them achieve their goals.

    Cole Boland Undergraduate Student, Western University
  • After having the opportunity to hear Dr. Meg Popovic speak at a Board-wide Chair Council meeting, I was very intrigued by the way in which she brought a simplicity to what we all as parents are dealing with today in raising our children to be healthy adults.  Therefore, as a School Council we chose to invite Dr. Meg to speak to our school community and invited neighbouring communities to join us for her seminar.  The turn out was great and the seminar, refreshing.

    There is a lot of information available on raising children today, but Dr. Meg provides a very clear and concise picture of what the core challenges are, while guiding parents to recognize the inherent qualities and characteristics we value and want to instill in our children.  Through both teaching and one-on-one discussion groups Dr. Meg identifies that there are influences beyond our control in raising children today that we did not contend with as parents growing up, and helps to clarify how these influences affect our parenting and the potential outcome of our children.  Dr. Meg’s seminar allowed we as parents to recognize that we all share many of the same struggles and fears.  At the same time, she offered us strategies to gain peace of mind in making the many choices we face as parents today, while remaining focused on the qualities we value in ourselves and our children.

    Jen Rothfischer Co-Chair, Parent Council. St. Clement Catholic Elementary School, St. Clement, Ontario
  • Dr. Meg Popovic joined us for three different presentations. She first presented to our staff on resiliency in the classroom. The staff felt that she understood classroom concerns and addressed the needs that our staff had. She made fabulous connections and her scenarios were relevant as she understands our clientele. This presentation gave staff a chance to share their views and consolidate their thinking of what resiliency looks like. When Dr. Meg presented to our parent community, parents enjoyed listening to Dr. Popovic speak about topics in raising resilient children. Parents may wonder if they are making the right decisions when raising their children. Dr. Meg was able to highlight some of these concerns with warmth and humour while sharing her knowledge. Her presentation was very engaging and valuable and the parents enjoyed the group interactions with other parents, which helped them to think deeper and reflect on the questions being asked. When presenting to our students, Dr. Meg touched on very relevant topics that our students face on a daily basis. The students enjoyed the interactive activities and were able to connect to the activities and with each other.

    The instant you meet Dr. Popovic, there is something special about her. She is able to connect with everyone and teaches adults and students how to deal with stress and become resilient. Resiliency, as she says, is an emotional muscle that you need to practice and to train.

    I would highly recommend Dr. Meg Popovic as her presentations were not only powerful but timely to the issues that some of our students, parents and staff face on a daily basis.

    Erin Lemak Vice Principal, Holy Spirit Catholic School, Cambridge, Ontario
  • I had the unique opportunity to attend Dr. Popovic’s seminar on raising resilient children.  In many ways my young children are growing up in a world socially different from the one I grew up in and I’m looking for ways to prepare them for the road ahead.  Dr. Popovic has unique insights into the attitudes of today’s youth as she works with students on a daily basis. It’s also heartening to know that the concepts she teaches are proven through experience with her own children.

    I went into the seminar looking for ways to teach resiliency to my boys and came away realizing that the seminar was about a larger journey to learn how to become a better, more effective parent for them.

    Joseph Wycoco, M.D. Father, Saint John Paull II Catholic Elementary School, Kitchener, Ontario
  • I attended your seminar last night at SJPII in Kitchener. Thank you for an enriching evening.  You have inspired me to continue on my journey towards mindfulness and self purpose…Your talk re-affirmed that if I try to be the best ME that I can be….my son will be the best that he can be. I can’t expect more from him than I do from myself. That includes learning to love oneself and giving ourselves permission to make mistakes and to learn from them. There is no one right way to parent…there is only a right way for each parent and we have to be open to admitting that we will make mistakes….our parents did too and most of us turned out okay in the end. THANK YOU for keeping it real and practical. It was one of the best presentations I have been to by far, very empowering.

    Rosa Azevedo-Almeida Mother, St. John Paul II, Kitchener, ON
  • Hi Dr. Meg, I attended “Are You Ready For The Big Leagues” last night at Lawrence Park Collegiate Institute. It was excellent! You were so well prepared for your dual audience of parents and students and provided such great insight! Thank you very much. I was the parent waiting to speak to you before I had to dash off. I was late picking my husband up from the airport. I had planned to leave 15 minutes early, but couldn’t because I was afraid I might miss something. I wanted to speak to you about the Seminar/Workshop you mentioned that you are going to put together in the spring around students’ preparation for university. I visited your website and read about your seminars for high school students. I have a son in grade 12 that I believe would really benefit from them. I would also really appreciate receiving acopy of your presentation. I’d like to share it with my husband, after I left him waiting at the airport. Thanks again for an excellent evening!

    Janet Bragg Parent, Lawrence Park Collegiate Institute, Toronto, ON
  • Being a first-year student in university brought many challenges, I felt like I didn’t deserve to be there and that everyone around me was so much smarter.  However, through all the anxiety and stress that I felt, it was a great help to have a professor who just got it. Dr. Popovic understood and remembered what it was like to be a first-year university student and used that to relate to students personally and academically.

    Maggie DeBoer First year student, Brescia University College at Western University
  • I wanted to thank you once again for attending our Wellness Evening and speaking to our parent community about Raising Resilient Children.  There has been great “chatter” amongst the parents who attended.  I was pleasantly surprised last night to see so many repeat parents from your last talk a couple of years ago at our school. You obviously made an impact then, as you did again last night.  It was also really great to see so many parents in attendance from surrounding schools.

    I had some excellent take-aways from last night’s presentation:  Lead by example, support your children and give them the tools they need to succeed and most importantly – be realistic as a parent. Our children’s world is much different than our own childhood.  I’d never even heard of the term, “the selfie generation”. It’s so true!

    I loved that you have first-hand knowledge as a professor and are able to share real-life stories.  Your talk was inspirational and definitely motivational.  I also loved that you engaged everyone with some group exercises to make us all reflect on how impactful we are in shaping our children…even though their iPhones may seem like the most important things in their lives.

    I think you are perfectly suited as a motivational public speaker and it shows that you are passionate about your research.  It’s more and more apparent to me that being a realistic parent is key to our children’s success.  We are so fortunate to have had you speak again.

    Jodi McDaniel Mother of 2 girls, Falgarwood Public School Council
  • Dear Dr. Popovic,

    We would like to express our gratitude for the amazing assembly you led with our grade 9 and 10 ladies at St. Jean de Brébeuf Catholic Secondary School. You immediately captivated the attention of 300 girls by relating to them with your heartfelt personal stories about the challenges of being a teenage girl and how you triumphed.  Your experiential learning activities during the assembly on body image and self-confidence were not only engaging for the students but also brought home a very important message for young ladies who may be susceptible to social media pressures.

    You made us realize that we are not alone.  We are building a community where girls stick together and support one another.  In a society where shaming is seen as acceptable behavior, we need to stand up against this.  We need “Girls to Empower Girls”.

    We would highly recommend Dr. Megan Popovic.  Her presentation was specifically tailored to meet the needs of our school.  She is a dynamic and engaging speaker and has the ability to inspire and motivate her audience.  We look forward to having you as our guest speaker again in the upcoming months.

    Anna Conceicao and Mary Claire Koziol Teachers, St. Jean de Brébeuf Catholic Secondary School, Hamilton, Ontario
  • Good afternoon Dr. Popovic. I know you told me to keep you posted on my career objectives, so here is some good news. Last night my dreams came true and I was one of the few accepted out of 3rd year to Dentistry at the University of Toronto. It is honestly humbling and amazing to have this opportunity. I wanted to tell you because my time in your class taught me things that no other biology or chemistry course could ever have and profoundly changed how I proceeded in my academic career. Most importantly, your reference letter provided continued support and reassurance as I would look back to it every so often to hear your kind words.

    University can be a competitive and cruel place and having someone as supportive and genuinely invested in their students as you, made all the difference. Thank you for always treating me with respect and care.

    Anthony, Vecchiarelli Graduate of Western University (Spring 2017) with acceptance to University of Toronto Faculty of Dentistry (Fall 2017)
  • Captivating, knowledgeable and highly informative. Three key components of a wonderful guest speaker who truly empowered those in attendance. We were fortunate to receive valuable take away information on resiliency in children. I enjoyed how there was some interaction amongst other adults/parents where we took away a small snippet of their strategies. I also appreciated receiving a recommended parenting book to read as well. I’d highly recommend Dr. Meg to anyone. I would embrace another opportunity to hear Dr. Meg thoughts because life is forever changing. By listening to Dr. Meg boosts inner confidence how we can better equip ourselves to try and be the best role model we can be to those who matter the most — our children.

    Julie Bender Parent Council Co-Chair, St. Anne Catholic Elementary School, Kitchener, ON
  • Recently we had the pleasure of having Dr. Meg present on the topic of Resiliency to three very different audiences on the same day at our school. In the afternoon she presented to our grade 7 and 8 students; following that Dr. Meg met the staff and finally in the evening she presented a two-hour workshop to our parent community. Each seminar was geared to the specific audience and in each of the presentations, Dr. Meg was able to engage the group in authentic ways. Throughout each seminar, the students, staff, and parents were provided with strategies for building personal resiliency and stronger relationships. During the time Dr. Meg spent at our school she was tireless, always willing to meet with people to answer questions and to offer suggestions; she adjusted each presentation ‘on the fly’ to ensure that it met the needs of the school. Having Dr. Meg present to all three groups was particularly effective as we all had the same language to address our strengths and areas for improvement in relation to developing resiliency. Thank you, Dr. Meg, for a great day; your energy and enthusiasm engaged each person who participated in your seminars left with a better understanding of the importance of resilience and some tools and strategies to continue to develop in the 21st Century.

    Carla Santomero Principal, St. Paul C.E.S., WCDSB
  • Hi Meg. I wanted to extend my heartfelt thanks for the powerful and very essential message you delivered to graduating students. Your message about transition to post-secondary school was warm, honest, very valuable and most importantly, practical for today’s student. You left an impression upon every student in the room. It is so honourable that you hope for each of us to live our better self………now that just warms my heart. Thank you for sacrificing your time in assisting our students in reaching their full potential.

    Gisella Paone Guidance Counsellor, Bishop Tonnos Catholic Secondary, HWCDSB
  • Dr. Meg’s teacher PD presentation was valuable to us as a staff and our students. In the span of an hour Meg created an environment where taking academic chances, social engagement and critical thinking were the norm with practical tools and self awareness being casually passed onto us & for us to now carry.

    Greg Aloian High School Teacher, South Lincoln Secondary School, NDSB
  • Dr. Meg Popovic, Your presentation was highly engaging and impactful for all in attendance. The information presented helped bring perspective to our role as parents and educators and provided practical approaches to raising resilient children.We just recently had our Catholic Parent Involvement Council meeting and members there were discussing how impactful your message was. Some especially liked the final questioning task at the end of the night and are using the power of listening and questioning with their children. Thank you for providing a thoughtful presentation that both affirmed and challenged our thinking. It was a great evening.

    Mike Glazier Superintendent of Education, Wellington CDSB
  • Your H2U presentation for grade 12s at our school was great! As a first-generation Canadian, I don’t have any relatives who went to Canadian university so there are not a lot of people who can advise me about these things. It was really nice to know more about important topics before I actually go to university. I think it is so nice of you to help any grade 12 students going into university.

    Yuji Choi Grade 12 Student
  • The student and staff presentations on resilience at our high school were excellent. It is rare to have a presenter for the whole school make the students do activities during a presentation. That takes courage! I believe that students need to “do” in order to remember and really get something out of a lesson. Thank you for taking that risk. It was worth it!

    Pamela Chun High School Teacher, South Lincoln Secondary, NDSB
  • It has been a wonderful journey to date.  It was easy to welcome you and your valuable contributions to our effort. Your understanding of the commitment, dedication and challenges that our team faces is a great asset. The knowledge and resources that you continue to share have not only broadened my knowledge but based on the feedback, has had a very positive impact on our teams. Your dedication, thoughtfulness and easy going delivery style is greatly appreciated.  It’s an honour to work with you.

    Dedric Nelson GM Teen Strategy, YMCA of Greater Toronto
  • On last night – it was awesome. Simply put, you are excellent; research-based, articulate and such an effective connector with your audience. The parents loved it. They want you back for more….no surprise at all. Thank you for being you!

    Andrea Dailey Vice Principal, Oakville Trafalgar High School
  • As a member of the PIC speaker committee, I had the privilege to meet with

    you and attend your workshop at our fall HDSB PIC Conference. I thoroughly

    enjoyed your workshop ‘Stillness in the Storm’ and recall it as our most

    popular and well attended sessions of the day. I was very impressed by

    your expert knowledge and great presenting style. It would be a pleasure

    to have you present to our Hayden parent community!

    Shazia Syed PIC member for HDSB, Co-Chair of Frank J. Hayden Secondary School Parent Council